Episode 59: 1890s Berliner Discs with Don Wilson!

Berliner (US)
Estudiantina Waltzes – Banda Rosa
Spaghetti Polka
Morning on the Farm
Laughing Song – GW Johnson
French Laughing Song “The Giggle”
A Hot Time in the Old Town – Dan W. Quinn
Gayest Manhattan – Vess Ossman
Georgia Camp Meeting – Cullen & Collins
Twin Star March – Joe Cullen
Marcha Volunteer – Venetian Trio
Turkey in the Straw – Billy Golden
Indian Dance – Victor Herberts Band

Harvard Disc Company
Dancing in the Kitchen
A Ragtime Skeedaddle – George Schweinfest

One Reply to “Episode 59: 1890s Berliner Discs with Don Wilson!”

  1. Why are you not addressing the racist language in songs such as “Turkey In The Straw”? To broadcast these songs and not contextualize the racist language is abhorrent.

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